Take a look below at just some of the movies from our client portfolio!

Warner Bros, Barbie

W.P. Notcutt Ltd supplied the summer block buster movie, Barbie starring Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling.

Our silicones, resins, fast casts and foams were used in many of the fantastic sets and special effects.

Disney’s, Maleficent

We also supplied the block buster from Disney, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.

Our silicones, resins, fast casts and foams were used in many of the fantastic sets and special effects.

Notcutt providing materials to blockbusters, Harry Potter & Gravity

We are proud to have provided to some of the most skilled teams over the years from recent award winning releases such as Gravity to the talented artists that produced stunning pieces in the Harry Potter series.

The exquisitely detailed “Ice palace” featured in Warner Brother’s 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  The ice palace was made using 2000kgs of PF 700L clear casting polyester resin supplied by Notcutt.

View the Ice Palace in the Harry Potter trailer

& The stunning Gravity!

Creations on an epic scale – The Castle from Snow White and The Huntsman

The Castle from Snow White and The HuntsmanStunning 2012  fantasy, adventure and action film staring Chris Hemsworth as Eric, the Huntsman and Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna, Snow White’s evil stepmother along with Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

We provided the gifted Academy Award nominatee Best Visual Effects team 2012 with the materials used to to create the majestic castle.  Cast from Xiameter RTV 3481 silicone the castle is a work of art adding the to the star studded fantasy, adventure film.

View the castle in the Snow White and The Huntsman trailer

Notcutt provided materials to historic Bomber Command memorial

We are very proud to have provided to the sculptor Philip Jackson the materials used to create the “Bomber Command” memorial.  The sculptor was crafted to look as though they have just returned from a bombing mission and left their aircraft.

Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the memorial on 28 June 2012, unveiling the bronze sculpture. The ceremony was attended by 6,000 veterans and family members of those killed, and the Avro Lancaster of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight dropped red poppy petals over Green Park.

Laurel & Hardy sculpture

laurelandHardyWe have provided many of the top bronze foundries with the materials used to create some iconic sculptures.

This sculpture of the world famous and much loved Laurel & Hardy in Ulverston by artist Graham Ibbeson was cast by A.B. Fine Art Foundry using Xiameter RTV 3481 silicone

The statue of them leaning against a lamppost has been placed in the town’s County Square where Stan brought Ollie in 1947 and the famous duo waved from the balcony of the Coronation Hall to a huge crowd of fans below.

The £60,000 statue, funded by Stan and Ollie fan club the Sons of the Desert, was cast by Jerry Hughes, manager at London-based AB Fine Art Foundry.

Philip Larkin Bronze sculpture

Philip-Larkin-tallWe provided the prestigious foundry Pangolin Editions materials to create the wonderful sculpture of poet Philip Larkin.  The photo by Jim Orwin shows the sculpture of Philip Larkin standing at 2.1m high. The dark green bronze statue, which portrays the poet in motion with a manuscript tucked under his arm and clutching a trilby hat whilst rushing for the train, stands seven feet tall on the concourse of the city’s railway station.

Sculpted by artist Martin Jennings, who also created the statue of Philip Larkin’s friend John Betjemen for St Pancras station in London, spent almost a year working on the project.

“It’s lovely to be doing something that is a tribute to a man I admire enormously. Larkin was a genius and a wonderful poet.”

Jennings, who also gave a speech at the unveiling event, had never met the Philip Larkin. His image of the poet was based on numerous research including photographs and an episode of the BBC arts documentary, Monitor, shown in 1964 in which Betjemen interviews Larkin in Hull.

“I think the Larkin society has done so well to commission this statue and the fact that it is such a beautiful statue, beautifully placed between the Royal Station Hotel and the platforms just fills me with pride for the city.”

More than £80,000 was raised for the statue from business, public and individual donations including Maureen Lipman and Tom Courtenay, who also helped with the project’s fundraising.

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