XIAMETER® (Dow Corning) – Silicones Documentation & Technical Specification

Xiameter Product Guide

XIAMETER® RTV 3120 Sales Literature

XIAMETER® RTV-3481 Base and XIAMETER® RTV-3081 Curing Agent RTV 3481

XIAMETER® RTV-3483 Base and XIAMETER® RTV-3083 Curing Agent


XIAMETER® RTV-3496, 3497, 3498 Bases and XIAMETER® RTV-3081 Curing Agent

XIAMETER® RTV-4136-M Silicone Rubber

XIAMETER® RTV-4234-T4 Base and XIAMETER® T4/T4 O Curing Agent

XIAMETER® RTV-4250-S Kit Green

Syl-Off® 4000 Catalyst

Plas-ti-shim Literature